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How Apple Watch '24 is Revolutionising Health Monitoring with Blood Pressure and Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch '24 is looking to track blood pressure & sleep issues. Real-time health, straight from your wrist.

The new hypertension feature will alert users to high blood pressure levels and is expected to be followed by an advanced version for precise readings. Apple's also crafting a blood pressure journal for pattern tracking.

To tackle sleep apnea, the watch will assess sleep and breathing patterns and suggest medical consultation if it detects irregularities, supported by a recommendation app.

AirPods are stepping up as over-the-counter hearing aids. With added features to test hearing, Apple is stepping into the hearing aid space.

An AI health coach service is brewing to carve out personalised fitness & diet plans, using data from your devices.

Additionally, Apple is exploring anti-anxiety and exercise features for its upcoming Vision Pro headset—a potential game-changer for mental health and fitness.

It's crazy to think how any of this is even possible and what it would mean for our future clinical practice.


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