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Our story

Born in the Face of COVID-19, Built for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Empowering Health Decisions Through Technology

Founded by Dr Ian Soh, aspires to be the Google search of healthcare. Ian, who spearheaded the global COVID-19 youth movement #MoreViralThanTheVirus, draws on his deep understanding of health misinformation to drive his health-tech start-up. The platform's design, with its simple blue and white colour scheme, reflects its mission: to make reliable health information personalised and accessible to everyone.

Early Inspirations and Commitments

The seeds for were planted early during Ian's first year at medical school, coinciding with the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. At just 18 years old, Ian made a lifelong commitment to tackle online health misinformation. He founded and led the independent global movement #MoreViralThanTheVirus, which united medical students and youth across over 100 countries. The movement reached more than 1.5 million people and provided translations in over 50 languages, earning recognition from global media and organisations.

From Advocacy to Innovation

Ian's collaboration with organisations like WHO, IFMSA, and Global Shapers during the pandemic further enriched his perspective. Attending over 100 global meetings and speaking at more than 15 high-level conferences, Ian realised the need for a scalable, technological solution to health misinformation. This realisation sparked the creation of, which aims to provide a seamless, secure platform for medical professionals and the public to navigate health information responsibly.


Today's Vision for Tomorrow

Today, Ian and his team at are dedicated to expanding the reach of reliable health information beyond COVID-19 to encompass all medical conditions. By integrating his firsthand experience with a bottom-up approach to problem-solving, Ian continues to advocate for patient safety and informed decision-making in healthcare. He firmly believes that everybody regardless of background, wealth or geography should have access to quality health information.

Reimagining your health search, to give you clarity and confidence.

In an age of information overload, technology has been instrumental in helping me overcome my dyslexia. This personal journey has deeply influenced my commitment, all these years, to improving how we consume information.

Dr Ian SOH, Founder

Dr Richard BOGLE


Joseph TSAI

Co-founder, CTO

Rachel DUFF

Social Media

With us, you can have confidence in every search.

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